Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fast Track For Starting A Flea Market Business

Do you have ambitious dreams of going into the flea market business ? If the answer is yes, you should put on your detective hat. With the proper  grunt work you will hit the road running in the fast lane so you can get to the finish line in record time and come out a Big Winner!.


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The answers to some of the following questions will help you to be successful with your new flea market business.

Can you find all of the flea markets in your vicinity? Well, if you can get hold of a flea market directory you will get a lot of information about flea markets in your vicinity.

The next thing you need to do is to go and visit each one of them. Gradually, you will start to see for yourself "what works" and "what doesn't work".You want to check out what items are being sold by the flea market dealers. You want to get ideas for what you will sell. That will probably be your most significant decision.

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How many vendors are there in each market? How many sellers are trying to sell the same things?
Competition is good, but only up to a certain limit.

You need to be on the lookout for dealers who are actually making sales. Be sure to check out what is being carried around by shoppers. Although this is rather obvious you need to be selling items that people need or want.

After selling for over 20 years at the flea market I watch this happen to new dealers all the time. People try to market the hottest products that every other vendor is selling, or something that no one has any use for.

Walk all the aisles and observe what is happening in each market. You might want to take notes so you can put it all together later.

A few other things you want to know is what days every flea market is open. You need to know how much your spot will cost. You also want to find out if they give you a discount on your rent if you pay by the week-end or month.

Also when you set up you want to get a good spot. You can have the best merchandise in the world but if no one gets to your booth then you will go home with only a few dollars.

You will need to check for what license is required in your county and state. So be sure to check and see what is required. These generally turn out to be inexpensive.

Finally, without going too deep into this, I would suggest that you find a good wholesaler. This is an important decision because you need to find goods that will make you a really good profit and be able to depend on your wholesaler for your merchandise week after week.

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Although this article doesn't contain everything, it will give you a really good start in the right direction.

Wishing You All The Best

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