Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Find Success Working At Home With An Online Business


We haven’t even begun to see how the internet is going to change the way business is conducted both in the US and around the world. Every year the amount spent on goods and services on the web increases by millions and millions of dollars. You truly can sell anything on the web if you understand marketing and finding customers. Some people used to say, "That 'whatever product" won't sell on the web.Then somebody with a web site would apply a new marketing technique to selling the 'whatever product' in a differnet way. And before you knew what was happening they would become the next millionaire.


You can do the same thing but you need two ingredients. You need a marketing plan and your site needs a steady stream of customers, or traffic. Traffic takes the most work of these two but it is really the easiest. For huge numbers of visitors you just need to get Google to love your site. Follow along to find out how you can apply this for a successful online buisness opportunity


Let’s say you are selling dog bowls. Your goal is to find out how to get Google to send the people to your site who searched for dog bowls. The web surfer gets to your site, chooses a bowl he or she likes and buys it. It's really not that hard. The only question is how to get search traffic sent from Google to your site.


You can think of the web as a big popularity contest and Google as the busy body who always wants to know what everyone else is talking about. In our dog bowl example, Google will send the searchers to the dog bowl site that has the most people talking about it. Of course, this makes sense. If a lot of people are saying you have great dog bowls on your site then Google figures you must have great dog bowls.


Likewise, if no one says your web site has great cat bowls then Google will not send any customers your way who search for cat bowls. You are popular for dog bowls but not popular for cats. So if other people with web sites vote for your site in the dog bowl popularity contest then dog bowl customers will come your way. If the other web pages don't vote for you in the best cat bowl contest then you won't get any customers from Google looking for cat bowls.


One web site votes for another by linking to the second site. A link is the way an internet user, such as you, gets from one site to another. You have more than likely clicked on links a few thousand times. They are colored blue usually and when you click your mouse button on the link you are instantly take to another page.


The great thing about links is the words used to build the link can be anything you want. This is good because the web site owner will use the words to let you know what is on the site you are clicking to. For example, if the link said Bob’s Website you wouldn’t know what the site was about and you probably wouldn’t click on the link. But if the text said Great Dog Bowls and you’re in the market for a dog bowl it makes sense to click on the link. The words that are used to describe what is on the page are called anchor text. Google looks at anchor text as votes in the popularity contest.


Google keeps track of the anchor text whenever one website links to another. Each time your web page gets a Great Dog Bowl anchor text link you get another vote for the words 'Great Dog Bowls'. The more popular your site is for a keyword the higher you will rank in Google's search result page when some one searches for that keyword. The anchor text a searcher uses in the search box is also known as a keyword.


A keyword is simply the word or phrase someone types into the search box when they want to find some product or information on web. So if I want to buy a really good dog bowl I type the keyword ‘great dog bowl’ in the search box. Google has already looked at every website on the internet and determined which is most popular for that keyword. The search result page shows the most popular site in the number one spot and the less popular are ranked farther down depending on how many votes they get.


There is also a ranking based on the content of you site that plays into the search results, but it has very little impact on your search page rankings compared to the number of links or popularity votes you have. As long as the website is really about dog bowls most of your ranking will come from the anchor text links you receive from other websites. Learn more about getting traffic at the Christian business opportunities blog.

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