Monday, July 13, 2009

How a $19.95 Dental Plan Made me RIch

Retire early!  Or at least have the opportunity.   How? By joining as a Benefits Specialist with an excellent company.Not many have heard of AmeriPlan? See Dental Medical With AmeriPlan you have a 30 second commute.   We have people that are quitting their job.

We help you to start making money at home immediately , and you don’t need a license to do so.Health and Dental Discounts are not insurance.As a Rep you will offer people big savings on Dental and Health.

I realize people are afraid to branch out on their own.I was scared also.With all my research, if there was something better, I would have found it.My husband loves the fact that I have more free time.I travel when I have the urge, I can.  If I want to go see my daughter in Indiana, I can.When I go on vacation, I don't need permission from the Boss.It's great.  Have you ever felt like you are working to pay your hard money out to someone to take care of your kids?   Think!You can retire real early with money in the bank.Ameriplan helps me save and make money.

I believe in what I am doing.  I can honestly say I have made money and more than one check, even more than two checks.I get excited about the income potential of this program.  I had been in other businesses such as Avon and Tupperware and never made anything.I enjoy helping people save money and make money.

I believe God wants me to share this vision with other stay at home moms.  I have been on the bad end of being broke.I thought it would be good to wake up with money in thebank.I saw the potential and knew what I had to do.It was obvious that Ameriplan is where I needed to be.I did avoid joining another MLM.   I chickened out but came back to it.I'm happy every day with my choice.  A magazine article about AmeriPlan at Barnes and Noble made me see the light.   

I found a great company.Ameriplan is a 17 yr old debt free health benefits company.I joined other Money Making Programs only to be disappointed.  I never made money with YTB Travel, Tupperware, and Avon amongst others.  But I have with Ameriplan®.

We have an awesome compensation plan.Best is we get paid daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.If you do the work, you'll be paid.The company founders are always challenging the IBOs with contests.  But one thing I can say for sure is that I believe in them.When you call ask me about the TOP Program!

For more information visit Ameriplan Home Based Business 

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