Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pyramid Scheme Or Real Work At Home Business?

A few pyramid schemes advertised on the internet usually offer attractive returns for working at home. The confusion lies in differentiating between the true and the fake mlm business because there is no clear cut dividing line between the two. There is not much mention of work or initial investment but it is all about how much money you will reap from time to time. In considering an offer, read the fine prints and see if the company is out to rip you of whatever little savings you have instead of genuinely offering you a job opportunity.

In reality, if you decide to sign up for a pyramid scheme, the distance from you and riches is not a leisurely walk across the green field but a perilous trekking through a mysterious jungle full of wild animals and scary living plants. It is in fact a nightmare because you have to sign up and then 'upgrade to a status member' by buying the product in question, whether you want it or not. When the buying and sponsoring in the pyramid scheme stops, the bonuses automatically also stops!

Earning twenty dollars from a spending of sixty dollars is not so bad but to keep spending without earning anything in return is disastrous. There may be an enterprising few who will look around for a more legitimate and innovative way to make money than by continuing to work a pyramid scheme. There are companies who do offer genuine 'work at home' or home based network marketing opportunities to those who master a degree of flair for writing where you can market your skills safely and earn a steady income if you keep your part of the bargain honestly. Besides you will also know how to identify which companies are offering false schemes no matter what disguises they are using. Surf the internet and study different websites and assess their offers because it won't take long to find those that are reputable.

Many people have been caught on the wrong foot and been driven to frustration by various pyramid schemes and money making ideas that have proliferated the internet in the past. The structure of this type of scheme does allow 'early birds' to make money but as more people participate, those at the base of the pyramid will be forced to carry the financial burden. The question and answer are simple: who has money to buy sixty dollars worth of product that you will never use to make a few dollars?

People are tricked into joining these schemes by the company omitting the fact that they will have to buy the products in order to earn something. Once you join you will be continuously coaxed and coerced into spending more to upgrade your status in order to start making money. When you buy the product in order to upgrade, you are only taking a chance that others will do the same and running the risk that in the final analysis you are the only one doing so. Once you give up after failing to make money, you will have spent sixty dollars unnecessarily on a product you will never use. If people understand the 'catch' behind pyramid schemes, then it would be easier to find real 'work at home' jobs. The internet would be a haven for 'work from home business' job seekers, in the absence of pyramid scams.

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