Monday, August 24, 2009

Shopster Review - Solutions for Your Online Business

Shopster can provide all the services you need to build and stock your online store. It not only offers you access to suppliers but it also makes it possible to create an online store which will automatically be loaded with loads of products. Shopster handles all supply chain activities for you. This includes not worrying about carrying inventory, dealing with customer support, or even getting yourself a merchant account to accept payments online.

Shopster makes it possible to run an online business without knowing any specialist skills or making any huge investments. It’s possible to sign up to their ecommerce package and create your very own fully customisable online store in around half an hour. You can then choose which products you want added to your store.

If you are looking to sell products on eBay, the Shopster eBay integration tool will automatically import products into eBay listings. EBay Listing Manager is an application provided by shopster to make listing their items very easy.

Product Pricing

Shopster has an impressive database of products. There are over 1 million products available through the Shopster virtual warehouse, provided by 130 dropship suppliers. All of these products are of high quality and most of the products available are from branded companies. Products are available from companies like Canon, Apple, Intel, D&G, Fendi and many others.

The pricing of products is fairly competitive among other dropshippers. However, prices will always be more expensive than dealing directly with the wholesaler, but the service Shopster provides will often make this worthwhile. It’s possible to make a profit with some products even when selling on market places such as eBay.


To use Shopster to source your products you must sign up for an account. There is a free 14 day trial for you to test the site and decide whether it’s the right site for you. After the free trial the cost of the site will depend on the type of account you sign up for as you have two options.

Shopster Product Source is the standard package which allows you access to over a million products from 130 different suppliers along with order tracking. This package costs a one off set up fee of $99 and you will then be billed $49.95 per month.

Shopster PowerMerchant is their top of the range solution which allows you access to the same services as product source but also makes it possible to create your own brandable storefront.  Shopster ecommerce costs $69.95 per month with a one off $99 set up fee.

Education and Support

Shopster is an ideal website for any first time dropshipper because they have lots of educational and support materials. There are a wide range of different books and downloadable guides available. These not only show you how to use the site but also show you how you can make the biggest profits on eBay.

The information and support offered on shopster is ideal for beginners and advanced entrepreneurs. You will be able to get useful advice about search engine marketing, advertising, and how to get the most out of your products.

Who is the site suitable for?

Shopster is a perfect site if you are new to drop shipping. It’s also a useful site for advanced entrepreneurs as the educational material is fantastic.

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