Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Small business consulting? - Selling your know how to businesses

small business consultant

I lead a web company that delivers help in the form of small business management and accounting software tools and education and support to thousands of startups and small businesses all over the world and whenever I explain to folks I meet what I do, I constantly get asked the same question “Given my working knowledge, how could I capitalize on this and make an income by becoming a small business consultant”? I’m always ready to offer wisdom as I am lucky enough to spend a significant portion of my day communicating with small business owners and their teams happy to to go into detail about their issues.

This is the advice that I offer:

The internet is a great place for finding customers and it makes it straightforward to reach them and sell your expertise. A lot of small businesses turn to the internet to find knowledge or trusted advisors who can provide them with coaching and help them fix key challenges.

Information marketing – package and sell your expertise to businesses through the Internet

What I am about to tell you doesn’t just apply to small businesses. You can repackage and sell your expertise in a digital format such as video, audio or documents. The tools to construct excellent material are readily available on the network. Producing a tutorial in simple to use internet formats is now straight forward and doesn’t cost much to do. You just have to be prepared to spend a modest amount of time understanding the tools. The point here is to produce some valuable material that you can either sell or give away to customers to encourage them to do business with you.

Commence by determining your overall goal. Consultancy and Information marketing can work together and if you do both can be very profitable as the consultancy will provide you with the questions, the answers to which repurpose for sale through the internet and sold over and over again.

If you are starting from scratch with no customers but have expertise you know would be valuable to others then make a no longer than 120 secs video to present yourself and your expertise to your market. Unless you know the prospect(s) precise problem then make the video generic and adhere tothe following format – S.T.A.R (Situation or Task, Action, Result). Be creative and concise. Now deploy the video to your website/blog or even YouTube if you don’t have the former and send the target(s) an invitation by e-mail containing a personal message and a link to the video. Follow this up with a phone call. If you know the specific nature of the potential client(s)problem then don’t make the video public, just put it somewhere secureon the Web or even on a disk and post it, again follow up with a call.

This approach is ideally suited to situations where you are individually targeting target(s). You should always focus on building a list you can interact with and make sales to. Treat the people on your list well and they will tell you their needs to which you can match and your content products. The more people on your list the more consulting and information marketing opportunities you will unearth. If you would like to discover more about how to do this then follow any of the links in this article. I would be very glad to help you.

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