Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting The Team Together Is New Priority For Internet and Home Based Companies

Team building events are nothing new and lots of companies have utilised them for staff bonding and various other work enhancements for years. The concept was originally used by larger blue-chip organizations that had many departments which maybe did not interact very well. This then filtered down into the more modestly sized and independent businesses who wanted didn't want to miss a trick. These days business have moved on and branched off into many different area. There has also been a dramatic increase in the number of people basing their businesses at home or using the Internet for the majority of their trading. According to leading team building businesses, these companies too are increasingly seeing the benefits of running bonding and communication sessions themselves.

The findings were released by a group of corporate events companies in London, England. They have found that even though a lot of home based and internet based businesses comprise of smaller teams, they often do not communicate that effectively. Email is the preferred communication method in most of these types of businesses and many have not developed competent personal interaction skills. Also, these types of business often have a number of hubs in different locations and the workers from each rarely meet up in person.Further more, the activity levels of people who work in these kinds of jobs is quite poor, resulting in them being classed in a high risk category for picking up heart and lung problems.

The group who released the findings documented a 30% increase in the number of team building days booked last year by home and internet based businesses (the most popular being Waterside in Windsor events) and suggested this is down to an increased focus on work efficiency. In fact many corporate companies have claimed that they have seen a 40%+ increase in staff productivity and reductions of up to 50% in people talking days off due to illness. This is something the smaller companies realize they should be emulating. As well as team building events, many companies are increasing their spend on hospitality events such as Cheltenham hospitality days in an attempt to improve staff job satisfaction.

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