Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Internet Marketing Software

Let's face it, we all want more web site traffic and will do
just about anything to get it and that's where it all starts to
go wrong!

Do you really think that a new software marketing product will
do it all for you, well it may work for so long but when the
search engines find out that's it back to square one unless you
choose the right Marketing Software.

So how do you set the process in motion, roll up your sleeves
and get busy, articles are by far the best way to get backlinks
to your site and increase your web site traffic and your page

Let me give you an example of how this works, and trust me it
works a treat to get more web site traffic

Let's say you write an article called "getting web site traffic"
just like this one, don't worry how long it takes you to write
the article just do it! your own content is best.

Next I will upload the article to my web site, then submit the
article to the top article directories with software where
people will be looking for new unique content for their sites.
This is where things start to get interesting, my site has say a
page rank 2 but the article directories that I have submitted
the article to may have a page rank 3-4 maybe even 5 and that's
the whole point of this.

At this point three things happen!

1) Next time the search engines index the article directories
say 25 to 45 of them depending on how many you submitted your
article to, you now have 20 to 50 back links to your site from a
site with a page rank 4 or better that's enough to take your
site from a PR2 to PR3 which will move all your pages of your
web site up in the rankings and increase your web site traffic.

2) The Article that you wrote may do much good on your site just now, But
that's because your site does not have a good PR.

I have had Articles that I have submitted to the top ranking
directories, placed in the top three listings with the search
engines for weeks and send me loads of web site traffic and make
me more sales!

The same article on my site was down around page 5 or 6 with the
search engines, that's because at the time my site only had a PR
of 2.

3) Now this is the bit I really like, if you send in a good
interesting article that's well written and appealing to others
then these people will use your article for their news letter or
for content on their site.

When people use your article that they have found on a directory
they must leave your link in tact, this means that you can
quickly gain lots of backlinks to your site and improve your
page rank all this from one article.

I had one article that I put on an article that gave me
75 backlinks to my site in just 4 weeks, how long would it take
you to get this amount of "relevant" links to your site and how
much work would it take!

Make no mistake about it, this is the quickest method I know to
getting more web site traffic to help your online business, do
yourself a favour and get writing now 1 article per week will do
more for your Traffic than all the other things you do put together
trust me if your looking to increase your web site traffic this
is how to do it.

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