Friday, December 24, 2010

Understanding The Most Known 2012 Prophecies

Knowing The Most Common 2012 Prophecies

Over the past couple years, there has been an incredible amount of focus placed upon the year 2012 and what is to come with this year. Naturally, much of what is discussed is made as scientific as possible while there are still a tremendous amount of people that are confused as to what to expect and what this is all about. Thus, there is often a great appeal in knowing the most common 2012 prophecies and what to expect from the process.

These prophecies are often founded upon historic mapping and time points that are being examined today. Some of the most common predictors of what is to come are predictions made by Nostradamus and the Indian and Mayan cultures that have been studied and understood. Perhaps more fascinating is the fact of the previous events predicted by the groups actually did come true.

Many of the scholars within this field actually believe that much of the Mayan calendar comprises the most accurate predictors. There have been countless events in the past derived from this calendar which makes it a focal point for the future. Thus, there truly is a great deal of focus on this and the Indian cultural predictions as well.

Truly, one of the more common prophecies is that there will be an incredibly large asteroid to the hit the earth. When this occurs, this may or may not be the very end of mankind. Many people also believe that this will merely completely alter the mode of life as people know it today.

A third world war is something that is very commonly predicted as well. Basically, there are quite a few social events occurring that strengthens this belief. Also, the Mayan calendar ends at this time which makes it even more believable.

One of the final common 2012 prophecies believed is that human kind will be created all over again. This is probably one of the less common beliefs out there. Thus, this should be more thoroughly researched prior to believing in it.

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