Monday, January 31, 2011

Investigating The Question Is 2012 The End

Seeking Answers To The Question Is 2012 The End

Many people are looking at the question regarding whether or not is 2012 the end. It is virtually impossible for anyone to speak to this issue with any certainty. This is because the majority of individuals do not have the ability to see the future. Any speculation is detrimental to the overall health of humanity because it is not necessarily accurate.

The media has been saying that the final days of the world is eventually coming. This has happened throughout the ages simply because people cannot grasp the concept that something will go on forever. People need answers regarding these type of issues. It truly is impossible to make this judgment with any certainty.

Certainly there have been many movies regarding whether or not the world will end at a certain time. These movies are just the interpretations of some individuals who want to get attention upon the issue. If the finish of the world does come at a certain time people will be very uncomfortable with the changes that will take place.

When the last days of the world does not fall in line with the prophecies that have been already spoken people become angry. This is because they fell for lies that usually helped to shape their life for a very long time. People must follow their own intuition regarding whether or not the final moments is near. Following personal feelings is the only way for people to make judgments that work for them.

If a person claims to have 100% certainty about these types of issues they are eventually lying. Prophecies have been spoken of for generations but understanding the intended interpretation is always a debatable subject. Therefore it is not a good idea to assume that any person has a complete understanding of what will happen in the future.

It can be always advisable to wonder about the question is 2012 the end. No one is going to know the answer until it happens. When it does people will not have the ability to confirm that it has taken place.

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Devoted Way to Christian Life

Not everyone has the same status in life, that's why there are also different devotionals made for each of us. Truth is, choosing the traditional or the new versions would not make a lot of difference. The most important thing is that if they are fully committed to learning the words and teaching of the Holy Father, and if they are willing to set their lives for the Christian path. Although, given the choice, wouldn't you rather go for devotional bibles and get your bible study to a more fun and more interactive level?

There are also devotional bibles for couples that help marriages find a stronger path through the words of God. And for the younger generations who would like to learn the bible, there are fun and very spunky devotional bibles for teenagers and kids as well. Parenting will also be much more God-inclined with devotionals for moms and dads. And to those who have been momentarily lost in their lives, a sanctuary devotional will what you would need to finally rest the worries that you have.

There are many varieties of devotional bibles that are now available for just about anyone. These selections are especially intended for different life settings. For instance, there are the NIV Men's Devotional Bible and the NIV Women's Devotional Bible. They both the same New International Version (NIV) bible text, but the extensive offering of features they have are different. Their daily devotionals particularly are completely different, for the men's versions are devotionals for men while for the women's are devotionals for women.

Devotional bibles can be considered a paradox, as they are more substantial in terms of content, yet they are easier to grasp. First of all, they have the same books in the normal bible, but they have extensive features along the way that make reading them more fun and interesting. For instance, based on their names, devotional bibles have sets of devotionals ready for every user. Every bible has its own style and method of providing devotionals for its readers. Most of these bibles also provide selections of bible verses that are particularly picked out for everyday application. With this feature, users will not find it hard to connect the things they learn in the bible to their lives. These bibles also have questions that provoke users to reflect every after they finish their study.

Devotional bibles are only one the most successful new-age bible versions all over the globe, which has made studying the words of God easier.. However, a lot of people are still unfamiliar as to what they are and how they are particularly different compared to the typical bible version.

Written by James, you can also buy bible this coming Christmas.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Discover What Will Happen In 2012

Know What Will Happen In 2012

2012 is fast approaching. The date is one that millions of people believe to have an important significance. If you would like to find out what will happen in 2012, whether ancient prophecies will be brought to life or if it will be the same as other years, you do not have long to wait.

It cannot be denied that our world is currently in a period of change. The global economy is in turmoil with the potential for another massive recession, the world's climatic system is producing extreme temperatures and storms, and governments around the globe are bringing in tighter controls and restrictions on movement and freedoms.

2012 will bring change, this is a guarantee. Whether the change will be positive or negative depends upon your own state of mind. It is important to note that we can manifest our own futures, if you believe the end of the world is coming, there is every chance it will. If on the other hand you believe 2012 will pass just like any other year, this will be the case.

The current fascination with 2012 predictions stem mostly from the knowledge held by the ancient Mayan culture. In the Mayan long calendar, it is suggested that 2012 will be the end of the world as we know it.

The long count calendar actually predicts that 2012 will simply be the end of one cycle and the start of the next. Those individuals who state that the Mayans foresaw the destruction of the world are wrong.

Of course, the potential for a huge worldwide catastrophe occurring in 2012 is real, but it must be noted that there have always been times when massive changes have occurred on a global level. Whether or not the year will usher in the dawning of a new period of enlightenment, or bring huge suffering, we do not have long to find out.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christian Hoodies-more Than Bodily Protection

You should not take these messages for granted as you might be able to save someone from a state of depression through the use of an affectionate message. You must be able to tell the world that like you they must be happy and thankful to be a son of God. You can start out with this advocacy by wearing a Christian hoodie.

But the most essential attribute that you can gain from wearing a hoodie is not only you will be able to be protected by harm by a piece of clothing but also by God who watches over you as you go through the world. Let us never neglect the act of offering everything that we do for a better world even if it is just as simple as wearing everyday clothes.

That way, you get them to see why you are proud to be a Christian and what values Christianity you uphold most. Also, by telling the world your views, you might even end up meeting new friends that share the same ideals as you.

Wearing hoodies that show the beauty of God's love is the perfect way to win the hearts of people, and at the same time try to educate them. You might never know that by simply wearing a bible verse slogan you would end up having a stimulating conversation with some.

Aside from the physiological protection that it can give to the body as a protective covering, you will be able to share your insights and perceptions for the entire world to see.

Imagine yourself mindlessly strolling in the streets, and the suddenly you come across someone whose shirt proudly states that he loves Jesus. Wouldn't it make your day better and leave you inspired? That is the main effect people have on others when they wear Christian clothing items.

The Christian hoodies are actually designed with slogans that express the words or show graphics expressing messages of love and goodness. The best aspect and benefit is that you can wear them in all occasions. Whether you are attending a family or relative gatherings, a walk to the mall or to the park, you will surely easily spread the word of God.

Nothing's more comforting than wearing Christian hoodies during cold times such as the winter season. They may appear to be just like any other kind of hoodie in form and structure, but they are actually more special than the rest. Because when you wear them, you are only protecting your body from the harms of frigid air, but you are also exhibiting your love for the Lord with much pride.

Article by Arlene, also see christian pins.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Me and My Big Mouth by Joyce Meyer

We should not pick the moments when we choose to have kind words, but we should make sure that we maintain a careful tongue all the time. Me and My Big Mouth is definitely a must read, especially if you know you yourself could not really control the way you formulate your own thoughts. Don't forget that the mind is the most powerful tool. If you pursue on relying on your own thoughts and refuse to incline them towards the thoughts of God, then you are not fully living on the path of wisdom. If you need a hand, Me and My Big Mouth can help you.

The context of the entire book is not something that is purely original. It's not the first time that we are told to control the directions of our thoughts if we don't want them to go off course. But unlike other books, Meyer uses her most successful advice, following God. She says that even though we have a mind of our own, we should resist the calling to use them independently, because the only way to live a life for God is to have a mind according to His.

The book opens up by Meyer talking about "Learning to Speak God's Language". She discusses the effect of language in constructing meanings. Meyer even uses a particular sentence to show how things can be of completely different meaning even with only the smallest changes done to them. The following chapter follows Meyer's thoughts by saying that the positivity or negativity of our lives is determined by the set of mind that we choose.

Meyer states that one of the biggest problems that most Christians face now is that they could not take hold of their thoughts. Her book does not actually discusses the things we say, but more on what goes on behind the things that we say. Our tongues do have their own wills to end up conjuring words to mention, but it is our minds that are responsible for these words. And what Meyer suggests for us to do is to get grasp our thoughts in order to get hold of our words.

Joyce Meyer's Me and My Big Mouth is as honest and forward as it's title with its aim to discuss a stand out part of every person's body. However, it is not the anatomy of our mouths that the book picks out. Instead, it focuses on the power that our mouths have, the power of speech. Many of us have been in trouble because of the things that came out of our mouths. Many of us have hurt a lot of people because we refuse to back off with our words. And many of us have unfortunately been slipping farther and farther from the teachings of God because we can't control our big mouth.

Written by Michelle, it is also great to checkout bulletin covers.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Information On The 2012 Count Down

A Look At The 2012 Count Down

The approaching date of 2012, and more specifically, December 21, 2012, is garnering a ton of attention these days. This prophecy is drawing plenty of study and opinions, however, not everyone agrees to the exact even or significance of this date. Take a look at some info on the 2012 count down if you are curious.

At the source of this controversy lies the prediction of the Mayan calendar, which indicates some type of significant event centered around this date. Although there is no true consensus about the exact nature of this event, many experts seem to be expecting something very radical which will have a big impact on our society. Many see this potential event as a negative one, while others anticipate a positive event.

Most seem to anticipate some sort of very large event that could threaten or destroy all of mankind. Some believe that the problem will be man-made, perhaps a nuclear war. Others believe that the problem will be a natural disaster of some kind. Many popular theories include a shift in the Earth's magnetic poles, flooding, volcanic eruptions, and solar flares.

Not everyone believes that a negative event will take place, in fact, many seem to think that something very positive could happen. Many cite a potential shift in human consciousness that may lead to a more peaceful existence for humankind. Other's believe in a spiritual event, with different ideas abound depending on their religious beliefs. Some think that this date will mark an arrival of extraterrestrials, with many believing that they will be benevolent, and others believing that they will be malevolent in nature.

Some tend to think that something may happen, but believe that such a specific date will lack accuracy. Of course, many believe, or simply hope, that this date will come to pass and nothing will occur. This is also a reasonable belief, especially when one looks into the countless failed prophecies that have come and gone throughout time.

There is no real way of knowing or predicting exactly what, if anything, may happen on December 21, 2012. This has done little to stall excitement and fear over this upcoming date. Television shows and movies are keen on taking advantage of the public's interest in the phenomenon. Ultimately, mankind will have to wait and see what happens.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to Look on the Bright side of Life

I drew back my curtains this morning, glanced out the window and I paused for a second to take in the beauty of what lay before me, the autumn leaves swaying in the breeze complimented by sweet bird song, I thought 'everything is just great'. I strode into the bathroom and relaxed as I let the warm water envelop my entire body, in what felt like a comforting hug, the mist filled the area around me creating condensation on the mirror like icing on a cake, and I thought 'everything is just great'

I as I went to my room and stretched I felt bolts of energy renewing every fibre in body with fresh enthusiasm for the day ahead. I dressed myself, settling into a mood of quiet contentment as the soft, warm material kissed my smooth clean skin, generating a sense of well being and safety.

I sat in my car, I around me, proud to be in possession of such a luxurious consumer good that made my life so much easier. I journeyed to my place of work, not once exceeding the speed limit or feeling an ounce of resentment at other motorists. As I pulled into the large car park at work with multiple spaces, the security guard opened the gate and I thought 'everything is just great'.

I sat at my desk and began serving a broad spectrum of customers from different back grounds, I thought to myself how lucky I was to reside in a place that was so multicultural and accepting of people from differences races, religions and nationalities. I handed out an immediate loan, a series of cards and some effective personal loans, which all roughly translates as prestamos immediatos, tanda and creditos personales. I knew this because I am currently learning Spanish, a hobby I find enriching and self-vindicating.

Upon return home I relaxed, put my feet up, made dinner, and after I'd washed the plates I thought 'well everything is just great'

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Receiving Emotional Healing by Joyce Meyer

If there is one person that can completely talk about such a sensitive matter, it is someone who has had their fair share of experience in it. You will surely find it somehow sad yet still impressive how Meyer uses her very own story to construct the flow of the book. The whole book was painful, bold, and beautiful. Beauty for Ashes is a book dedicated to all the people who have had their own tearing experiences in the past. Grabbing a copy of Beauty for Ashes is one thing that you can do to teach yourself to heal and move on, whether you were a victim of abuse or not.

In addition, Meyer also discusses the forward topic of seeking revenge. It can only be understood how easy and fast it is for victims to form thoughts of revenge and getting back at the persons who have heartlessly hurt them. Considering all the things they were pushed to take, forgiving seems like an impossible idea. But Joyce Meyer says that there is nothing is this world that could ever straighten a wrongdoing, except God alone.

We may not fully realize it, but we all are a victim. It doesn't have to be a specific kind of abuse, but we all face adversities in life. And sometimes, because of our suffering, we block God's presence away from our lives. We say to ourselves that we are completely alone, whereas we are not. And this is what Meyer would like to share to her readers. It is impossible for us to turn back time and prevent the wrong things from happening to us, but what we can do is to take what we have in the present and rebuild ourselves.

Beauty for Ashes is mainly written for victims of various types of abuse. Through this book, Meyer states that the adversities faced by victims will surely change the way they look at themselves, thinking that they are worthless. But life must go on. Meyer then tells her own story and sets of experiences, emphasizing the idea that she too has been through the same painful path. Then she moves to tell how through God, she found herself getting back and picking up where she thought life has stopped.

First of all, Joyce Meyer wrote Beauty of Ashes as a move to tell her own tale of healing. If you don't know, Joyce Meyer herself actually has her own share of bad and terrible experiences that women have in their lives. And whether she liked it or not, these experiences brought her to a place in her heart where healing seems impossible. Having been physically, sexually, and verbally abused for more than 30 years of her life, it was a great step when Meyer found that it was not as impossible as she thought to stand up once more with the help of God.

Written by Sheila, also checkout joyce meyer books

Saturday, January 15, 2011

How Church Robes Came About

The origin of church robes is quite difficult to ascertain. Although it has been used for a long time, it's difficult to go ahead and pinpoint the exact time that it came about.

For instance, the first known record or visual representation was found in Egypt in the 2700 BC. Although there was no sign that there were formal church robes used, it pretty much depicted a blind choir during ancient Egypt.

However, during the Ancient Greek and Roman era came better proof of the existence of the church robe. It was at this time that the Greek chorus was formed and the players were distinguished from the rest of the people through the robes they used.

The design and style of the robes continued to change as time passed, all throughout the periods of Judaism, Early Christianity, and even Medieval and Renaissance periods.

The choir started to wear robes setting them apart from the rest of the clergy. Some members of the clergy also wear special vestments and robes to distinguish them

Moreover, each church and denomination has a different design and style of robe. Some churches even forego the use of the robes altogether.

While other churches, like the Catholic religion usually make it mandatory for a priest or member of the clergy to wear special church robes to set them apart from the rest of the congregation members.

If you are on hunt for church robes for your church, then you can find and visit several places where you can try and buy them.

Two of the best places that you can look for would either be over the Internet or just through your local stores.

If you choose to buy offline, it is ideal that you search for shops first. You can try checking out various Christian stores. Most of the time, specialty Christian stores go ahead and carry a variety of supplies like robes.

To make it easier, you can ask if you are able from the same provider as the one that supplies your current church materials since they might also have robes available for sale.

Buying materials in a store provides a great advantage since you can easily check out the quality of the robes or you can also try them out before actually buying; however, doing this process can mean that you need plenty of time in order to find the right one.

On the other hand, if you buy over the Internet, your search for the robe could go much faster since you all you have to do is look for suppliers over the Internet. As long as you have a reliable Internet connection, you can easily do this.

Another great thing about purchasing online is the amount of bargain deals that you can get. Take for instance, getting prices, you can easily check it from one site to another and look for one that fits your budget.

Alternatively, you can gather quotes first and then just pick out the ones that offer the best discounts.

As you can see, it's not tough to buy church robes. Provided you are diligent enough. You can easily obtain them.

Article written by Oriel, he is a document man and mostly in charge in baby dedication certificate.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Find Kind Words Of Encouragement

Because of the situation that must at some time in your life have found yourself tied in you must have felt the need of kind words of encouragement.

Some of them which I am sure will be of real value to you are contained herein.

These types of expressions can focus to different people in various situations and at different points in their lives. However these quotes are directed to someone so that he feels inspired. You could be a parent or a teacher, I bet these are of great importance to you.

Be Enthusiastic And Smile

It is vital that as a teacher you smile and show appreciation if your students excel just be careful you don't overdo it. They should know when you are angry about their work and when you are glad. Don't resort to beating and shouting them all the time.

Give Attention When It Is Being Demanded

Avoid bothering your student even on trivial affairs. Just give them some time to be on their own.

If you give too much attention than required and every move they make, then consider these words of encouragement that will make you administer your class smoothly.

Lead By Example

Another thing you should consider is to lead by example. Preaching something and doing the opposite of what you say is another thing that makes your student less attentive.

You say one thing and then do the other. Students although they may not tell you directly, do notice these things and are probably talking amongst themselves about it.

I Trust You To Decide For Yourself

Another thing to tell them is that you trust that they can make wise choices for themselves. Do not necessarily leave everything up to them to decide. Just make sure they make the right choices.

I hope these kind words of encouragement will do a great difference in the . For more information on these subjects please visit and

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Team Words of Encouragement Ideas

Do you want to motivate your team to put more effort in their work? If yes, then go through the article below, as it will direct you how. They could be working hard or not but all I know is that it is better to use them before things have become tense.

Team words mean encouraging, motivating and inspiring people at work. In all the working groups laws and expectations have to be met so that we live in peace.You will find encouraging words here that will make all things to be normal and the employees will identify what they are accomplishing for real.

It is vital to make sure you motivate your staff so that you outsmart your opponents and retain a huge returns. The moment you ignore your staff and let them do as thy please, things may turn for the worse and your competitors could easily outsmart you. Thereafter you will make losses and end up closing the business because of some financial crisis.

You must even update your staff on the business performance so that they see the future of the business, their job security and their contribution of their work. Share with them the vision and plans you have about the business.Do staff meetings now and again and let them share their thoughts, development etc because that would make them see that they are important and are part of the decision making process of the business.

Last but not the least, you must buy team words encouragement books or magazines and read on how to encourage, motivate and inspire your employees. These books are found on the web bookshops like and

I hope you got the best team words of encouragement, remember that they are constantly important if operating as one with a certain vision and ambition.You may as well visit other websites that have data on encouraging words such as and are other websites that has information about inspiring terms like as well as

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chruch Usher Badges

And to make this happen, it is really necessary that your trusty helpers can be easily identified. So the next time you organize an event, you have to make sure that you are going to prepare some usher badges.

The use of usher badges is very essential especially for very important events. With these, you are assured that the ceremony will be very orderly and systematic.

Although they come in the traditional pinned lock design, newer badges are also available to have magnetic clasps. This way, ushers will no longer be bothered to prick their clothes and sometimes accidentally hurt them selves as well. This customization is perfect for those who do not want to leave tiny holes in their suits or dresses.

These identification accessories worn by ushers are normally made out of metal and covered with gold paint. More sophisticated makers even produce gold plated and real gold badges.

These badges are affixed on the ushers' chests for greater visibility and easy reading. Most commonly the usher badges carry titles that spell out "USHER", "HEAD USHER", "JUNIOR USHER" or "HELPER". Depending on the church supplier, they also come in different shapes, colors and styles. General available designs are badges in shapes of a shield, a wreath, a plain rectangle, and some are consist of two or more pieces joined together. Some badges also come with biblical graphics such as a cross, a dove or a pair of praying hands.

Needless to say, these usher badges are really not that mandatory. However, given the convenience that they can give, several organizers still prefer the use of these accessories. Knowing their importance, you can really expect that most events will have these accessories pinned on the helpers.

Although these people may no be the highlight for such events, you cannot deny the orderliness that they can give to a certain occasion. Indeed, they are very important in making sure that a certain ceremony will run very smoothly and effectively. They can make sure that every detail and requirement is met. With the help of these usher badges you can certainly identify the people whom you should turn to.

Usher badges are very helpful for guests of certain church ceremonies to classify those who were designated to assist them. Most commonly in wedding ceremonies, a few people are asked to be the guides or helpers of guests. These people are called ushers. Their duties usually include being familiar with the names of the attendees, the exact seating plan, the rules, and being able to aid in any kind of trouble or discomfort.

Written by Kelly, you might also get interested in christian board games.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Five Reasons Why Christmas should be Cancelled

It's that time of year when people will start retorting that tired clich© 'this year has gone so quick, its almost Christmas', just as you thought you'd got away without allowing the all consuming messages about the ubiquitous holiday period to filter into your consciousness, friends, family and workout colleges start to mention it in every other sentence.

Thank god then that I've been able to avoid thus far the mad furore around Christmas for the past five years by escaping to a Spanish Island off the coast of Morocco, here the locals are far more relaxed about Christmas, an attitude which suits me down to the ground solenoids suit electric motors.

Sadly, this year I'm back home and bracing myself for the wave of tacky Christmas mania that about to sweep over me. Here are five good reasons why I think this sickeningly twee holiday period should be cancelled for good:

We would save loads of money

Imagine the luxury and piece of mind that would come with buying gifts for other people that they didn't want. And we wouldn't have to traipse round packed shopping malls and supermarkets looking for that perfect gift. Bliss. We also wouldn't make electrical component suppliers rich.

We Wouldn't have to Force Conversation with Great Aunt Maud

Let's be honest with ourselves, the majority of us don't enjoy speaking to our great uncle Fred about his work with the British Red Cross in 1934!

We wouldn't have to act surprised when we open presents

Acting that you like the clone of the Knitted Rudolf pullover that you've received every since 1997 tends to get tiresome after a while. In lieu of Christmas we could keep our closets knitwear free and waterproof switches.

We Wouldn't Unwittingly Overindulge

I tend to eat fairly well for most of the year, yet I'm still a tad overweight, I attribute this to the obligatory two week long binge that is customary over Christmas.

January Wouldn't be such a Drag

The only reason that January is such an anticlimactic month is because it follows Christmas. Without Christmas, the proverbial hangover we suffer in January would not have to be endured

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cult Persuasion Techniques

Some typical physical routines used by cults incorporate hyperventilation, repetitive motion and body manipulations. On the other hand, psychological strategies consist of trance/hypnosis and guided imagery. Cult leaders and active followers employ a variety of these techniques to encourage members and increase their devotion.

Hyperventilation involves continuous over-breathing which then carbon dioxide levels from the bloodstream to decrease. In its milder stages, induces dizziness breathlessness or light-headedness. This activity makes an abnormal condition called respiratory alkalosis, it raises the alkalinity of the blood and tissues. However, more extented over-breathing might cause panic, muscle cramps and convulsions. Cults usually have people do incessant loud screaming, chanting or signing to create this condition, which they construe as creating a spiritual experience.

Cult leaders either recognize these motion effects as new amounts of awareness or proclaim these as ecstasy. A simple spin can already produce dizziness; think of the outcomes of tenacious spin dancing and prolonged swaying. Similarly, constant swaying motions, assiduous clapping or almost any repeated motion helps to alter one's general state of awareness.

Based on former members of a cult, there is also a lots of body manipulation procedures carried out in lots of religious factions, their leader would walk in one member to another then press on their eyes until the pressure in the optic nerve make them perceive flashes of light. This method is known as "bestowing divine light." The cult members were habituallyadvised to intently push on their ear lobes until they heard a buzzing or humming sound, that was interpreted as hearing the "divine harmony."

Guided imagery is likewise utilised in one more successful method popular with therapy cults to regress members returning to the agony and being alone of past situations like childhood, tragedies and heartbreaks. This is often depicted in movies and sometimes even executed live in certain television programs. Cult leaders also utilize a variety of imagery patterns as well as long detailed visual stories which could absorb the audience into a trancelike state and make them more prone to trick and effect, to take out followers from their normal frames of reference and heave them up to oblivion.

Because of man's relentless pursuit for the higher level of bliss, these along with other methods of persuasion, such as cult persuasion will still be exercised for years to come.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Debate Rages On About Conspiracy Theories And 2012

Gathering Information About Conspiracy Theories And 2012

When it comes to conspiracy theories and 2012, there are plenty of scenarios to choose from. There is an entire segment of the human population that believes the earth will suffer some catastrophic event on December 21, 2012. Most of these theories are based in the fact that this specific date is the final one recorded on the Mayan Calendar. Ideas about how the planet will be annihilated vary from group to group but they all agree that the end times are near and the government is hiding the truth from the public.

The idea that Earth will collide with some other heavenly body is the most popular theory discussed. Some people who believe in this scenario point to a planet called Nibiru as the most likely culprit. This object takes 3,600 years to complete its orbit around the sun and according to those who subscribe to this idea, it will be too close for comfort in 2012.

Some people believe that the Earth will complete a polar shift that will cause it to spin in the opposite direction. The extreme version has it flipping completely upside down. This is actually a natural phenomena that scientist estimate occurs approximately every 400,000 years.

Our sun undergoes a polar shift much more frequently. Roughly every eleven years, solar activity increases and the sun reaches a state that is termed solar maximum. There is an increased frequency of solar flares and sun spots during this time.

The next solar maximum is estimated to happen sometime in 2012 or later and there are people who are convinced it will develop into the most severe solar storm ever recorded. Believers say that this will cause worldwide blackouts and all telecommunications will be wiped out.

People will continue to debate and speculate as the date draws near. Arguments will likely rage on both sides until that day finally comes and we all know for sure.

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