Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Debate Rages On About Conspiracy Theories And 2012

Gathering Information About Conspiracy Theories And 2012

When it comes to conspiracy theories and 2012, there are plenty of scenarios to choose from. There is an entire segment of the human population that believes the earth will suffer some catastrophic event on December 21, 2012. Most of these theories are based in the fact that this specific date is the final one recorded on the Mayan Calendar. Ideas about how the planet will be annihilated vary from group to group but they all agree that the end times are near and the government is hiding the truth from the public.

The idea that Earth will collide with some other heavenly body is the most popular theory discussed. Some people who believe in this scenario point to a planet called Nibiru as the most likely culprit. This object takes 3,600 years to complete its orbit around the sun and according to those who subscribe to this idea, it will be too close for comfort in 2012.

Some people believe that the Earth will complete a polar shift that will cause it to spin in the opposite direction. The extreme version has it flipping completely upside down. This is actually a natural phenomena that scientist estimate occurs approximately every 400,000 years.

Our sun undergoes a polar shift much more frequently. Roughly every eleven years, solar activity increases and the sun reaches a state that is termed solar maximum. There is an increased frequency of solar flares and sun spots during this time.

The next solar maximum is estimated to happen sometime in 2012 or later and there are people who are convinced it will develop into the most severe solar storm ever recorded. Believers say that this will cause worldwide blackouts and all telecommunications will be wiped out.

People will continue to debate and speculate as the date draws near. Arguments will likely rage on both sides until that day finally comes and we all know for sure.

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