Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to Look on the Bright side of Life

I drew back my curtains this morning, glanced out the window and I paused for a second to take in the beauty of what lay before me, the autumn leaves swaying in the breeze complimented by sweet bird song, I thought 'everything is just great'. I strode into the bathroom and relaxed as I let the warm water envelop my entire body, in what felt like a comforting hug, the mist filled the area around me creating condensation on the mirror like icing on a cake, and I thought 'everything is just great'

I as I went to my room and stretched I felt bolts of energy renewing every fibre in body with fresh enthusiasm for the day ahead. I dressed myself, settling into a mood of quiet contentment as the soft, warm material kissed my smooth clean skin, generating a sense of well being and safety.

I sat in my car, I around me, proud to be in possession of such a luxurious consumer good that made my life so much easier. I journeyed to my place of work, not once exceeding the speed limit or feeling an ounce of resentment at other motorists. As I pulled into the large car park at work with multiple spaces, the security guard opened the gate and I thought 'everything is just great'.

I sat at my desk and began serving a broad spectrum of customers from different back grounds, I thought to myself how lucky I was to reside in a place that was so multicultural and accepting of people from differences races, religions and nationalities. I handed out an immediate loan, a series of cards and some effective personal loans, which all roughly translates as prestamos immediatos, tanda and creditos personales. I knew this because I am currently learning Spanish, a hobby I find enriching and self-vindicating.

Upon return home I relaxed, put my feet up, made dinner, and after I'd washed the plates I thought 'well everything is just great'

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