Friday, January 21, 2011

Information On The 2012 Count Down

A Look At The 2012 Count Down

The approaching date of 2012, and more specifically, December 21, 2012, is garnering a ton of attention these days. This prophecy is drawing plenty of study and opinions, however, not everyone agrees to the exact even or significance of this date. Take a look at some info on the 2012 count down if you are curious.

At the source of this controversy lies the prediction of the Mayan calendar, which indicates some type of significant event centered around this date. Although there is no true consensus about the exact nature of this event, many experts seem to be expecting something very radical which will have a big impact on our society. Many see this potential event as a negative one, while others anticipate a positive event.

Most seem to anticipate some sort of very large event that could threaten or destroy all of mankind. Some believe that the problem will be man-made, perhaps a nuclear war. Others believe that the problem will be a natural disaster of some kind. Many popular theories include a shift in the Earth's magnetic poles, flooding, volcanic eruptions, and solar flares.

Not everyone believes that a negative event will take place, in fact, many seem to think that something very positive could happen. Many cite a potential shift in human consciousness that may lead to a more peaceful existence for humankind. Other's believe in a spiritual event, with different ideas abound depending on their religious beliefs. Some think that this date will mark an arrival of extraterrestrials, with many believing that they will be benevolent, and others believing that they will be malevolent in nature.

Some tend to think that something may happen, but believe that such a specific date will lack accuracy. Of course, many believe, or simply hope, that this date will come to pass and nothing will occur. This is also a reasonable belief, especially when one looks into the countless failed prophecies that have come and gone throughout time.

There is no real way of knowing or predicting exactly what, if anything, may happen on December 21, 2012. This has done little to stall excitement and fear over this upcoming date. Television shows and movies are keen on taking advantage of the public's interest in the phenomenon. Ultimately, mankind will have to wait and see what happens.

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