Sunday, January 23, 2011

Me and My Big Mouth by Joyce Meyer

We should not pick the moments when we choose to have kind words, but we should make sure that we maintain a careful tongue all the time. Me and My Big Mouth is definitely a must read, especially if you know you yourself could not really control the way you formulate your own thoughts. Don't forget that the mind is the most powerful tool. If you pursue on relying on your own thoughts and refuse to incline them towards the thoughts of God, then you are not fully living on the path of wisdom. If you need a hand, Me and My Big Mouth can help you.

The context of the entire book is not something that is purely original. It's not the first time that we are told to control the directions of our thoughts if we don't want them to go off course. But unlike other books, Meyer uses her most successful advice, following God. She says that even though we have a mind of our own, we should resist the calling to use them independently, because the only way to live a life for God is to have a mind according to His.

The book opens up by Meyer talking about "Learning to Speak God's Language". She discusses the effect of language in constructing meanings. Meyer even uses a particular sentence to show how things can be of completely different meaning even with only the smallest changes done to them. The following chapter follows Meyer's thoughts by saying that the positivity or negativity of our lives is determined by the set of mind that we choose.

Meyer states that one of the biggest problems that most Christians face now is that they could not take hold of their thoughts. Her book does not actually discusses the things we say, but more on what goes on behind the things that we say. Our tongues do have their own wills to end up conjuring words to mention, but it is our minds that are responsible for these words. And what Meyer suggests for us to do is to get grasp our thoughts in order to get hold of our words.

Joyce Meyer's Me and My Big Mouth is as honest and forward as it's title with its aim to discuss a stand out part of every person's body. However, it is not the anatomy of our mouths that the book picks out. Instead, it focuses on the power that our mouths have, the power of speech. Many of us have been in trouble because of the things that came out of our mouths. Many of us have hurt a lot of people because we refuse to back off with our words. And many of us have unfortunately been slipping farther and farther from the teachings of God because we can't control our big mouth.

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