Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Receiving Emotional Healing by Joyce Meyer

If there is one person that can completely talk about such a sensitive matter, it is someone who has had their fair share of experience in it. You will surely find it somehow sad yet still impressive how Meyer uses her very own story to construct the flow of the book. The whole book was painful, bold, and beautiful. Beauty for Ashes is a book dedicated to all the people who have had their own tearing experiences in the past. Grabbing a copy of Beauty for Ashes is one thing that you can do to teach yourself to heal and move on, whether you were a victim of abuse or not.

In addition, Meyer also discusses the forward topic of seeking revenge. It can only be understood how easy and fast it is for victims to form thoughts of revenge and getting back at the persons who have heartlessly hurt them. Considering all the things they were pushed to take, forgiving seems like an impossible idea. But Joyce Meyer says that there is nothing is this world that could ever straighten a wrongdoing, except God alone.

We may not fully realize it, but we all are a victim. It doesn't have to be a specific kind of abuse, but we all face adversities in life. And sometimes, because of our suffering, we block God's presence away from our lives. We say to ourselves that we are completely alone, whereas we are not. And this is what Meyer would like to share to her readers. It is impossible for us to turn back time and prevent the wrong things from happening to us, but what we can do is to take what we have in the present and rebuild ourselves.

Beauty for Ashes is mainly written for victims of various types of abuse. Through this book, Meyer states that the adversities faced by victims will surely change the way they look at themselves, thinking that they are worthless. But life must go on. Meyer then tells her own story and sets of experiences, emphasizing the idea that she too has been through the same painful path. Then she moves to tell how through God, she found herself getting back and picking up where she thought life has stopped.

First of all, Joyce Meyer wrote Beauty of Ashes as a move to tell her own tale of healing. If you don't know, Joyce Meyer herself actually has her own share of bad and terrible experiences that women have in their lives. And whether she liked it or not, these experiences brought her to a place in her heart where healing seems impossible. Having been physically, sexually, and verbally abused for more than 30 years of her life, it was a great step when Meyer found that it was not as impossible as she thought to stand up once more with the help of God.

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