Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Scrapbook - Keeping Your Baby Dedication Certificate Alive Through The Years

Whenever a baby is dedicated, we usually consider him as a full-fledge Christian. And after his dedication, he would surely get a baby dedication certificate as a proof and remembrance to his divine calling into Christianity.

But have you any ideas where you can preserve these good memories of your baby's life? Basically, these things can be preserved in scrapbooks that usually come with scriptures and any other things that make the pages appealing. These pages will really remind you of that wonderful day of your child.

Most parents are really touched when the day comes their baby is dedicated. The truth is that there are churches that would allow parents to read bible verses during their child's dedication.

There are also times that dedication ceremonies would come up with slide shows that presents the life of the baby from the time he was born up to the day before his dedication. These important stuffs should not be taken for granted. They should be preserved in scrapbook pages.

This is important in the years to come you'll have something to look at when you missed those young and tender years of your baby.

Now if you think that you are interested to make your own baby dedication certificate scrapbook, you may want to come up with unique ideas that can. One idea that can be used for your baby's scrapbook is the use of different bible verses.

These biblical verses usually speak of a child; they also speak of the definition of a child and his value to his parents:

Proverbs 3:1-4

I Samuel 1:27

Psalm 127:3-5

Now, if you think that you already have the things that you need in crating your baby dedication certificate scrapbook, you should take note of the following: stay focused on the event; make the scrapbook tidy, simple, and beautiful as much as possible.

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