Sunday, February 27, 2011

Enrich Your Spiritual Wellbeing With NIV Study Bible

Are you interested to learn the bible? Do you want to learn the words of God verse by verse or phrase by phrase? Do you want a bible that will provide you with footnotes and study helps that are proven effective in giving you a fuller understanding about the entirety of the bible or the words of God itself?

If you say yes to all of the questions above, then the great way to learn bible is through NIV study bible.

If you look closely to our bibles these days, specially the traditional ones, the preachers only intend to read certain passages t give way to their interpretations and commentaries. But with the NIV Study Bible, you will definitely learn your purpose in this world.

But id you are looking for the right kind of bible, you need to include certain consideration the right version for the right learning.

Take note that there are many translations of the bible these days and you have to understand that each one has their own strengths and weaknesses.

As a matter of fact, there are already many different types of study bibles: Life Application Study Bible, Zondervan's, children's bible, teens' bible, men and women bible, etc. Of the many bible enumerated above, the NIV study bible is said to be the best among all other translations.

Despite of the many issues that aroused about this bible translation, it is still considered by many experts as the most accurate and the most effective way of reading and studying the words of God.

This bible comes with guide questions that are truly essential tools that will lead a person's life on the right path. With NIV Study Bible, life becomes easy and you will never walk in a life that's crooked.

Written by Alex, Also checkout life application bible and NIV large print bibles.

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