Friday, March 18, 2011

Ordination of Women

Ordination of Women

Scandal has met the Pope's new statement, which equals the ordination of women into the power structure of the priesthood as tantamount to heinous condemnable acts of sexual maltreatment by clergy. The final result has been a public relations nightmare for the church. Everywhere the Pope now goes he is met with more, and more protests then he was seeing from the Catholic Church's other controversies.

The women's ordination proponents lobby has been increasing in strength for some time. In fact if were not for the criminal scandals involving pedophile priests this might be the most public issue facing the Church today. Perhaps the Church leadership believes that by equating these two issues they can deal with what they feel are the two greatest threats two the Church.

Whatever their motives it is clear that their efforts have been an outrage to many and made the Church look even more out of touch with the world of the twenty first century. All other major Christian denominations have moved to accept the right of women to get ordained and be spiritual leaders such as ministers or priests. Indeed the more relevant issues to these churches would be simply keeping parishioners going to mainstream congregations and not chasing one of the many alt-spiritual venues currently available.

With the proliferation of informal worship groups and online churches for which such issues as the ordination of woman is taken for granted most other denominations are simply fighting to remain relevant.

With the pope's upcoming tour schedule the protests are likely to be in the news for sometime. Unless the Church leader suddenly have some public relations knowledge this is going to be a long season of protest.

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