Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How God Test Our Faith

All of us sin from time to time, and even the most faithful of us have one or two since that he or she is praying to repent. Sometimes we are tested and sometimes we succumb to temptation, both of those will show our true character, especially when we are tested on our faith. In the modern times, there are too much going on in the world and a lot of us stray from the right path. The world offers countless of evils that may be the reason for people having to let go their belief system and become worldly.

One of the reasons why people are so easily swayed by the evils is that they have very little anchor to their faith. Whether in any denomination, if a member does not have enough grip, they will most likely lose their way. Keeping faith is very hard at this day and age, and there is a big movement to help those in need of spiritual guidance to seek it with local churches and charismatic groups as they are more than happy to take back a 'lost sheep'. Even in Kentucky, there are a lot of non denominational churches in Lexington KY which anyone are welcome to join to help them renew their belief and strength.

There is a growing agreement in all Christian leaders in the country that there is a need to truly reach out and discover ways and structures that will meet this period's hedonistic lifestyle which is the reason why many young believers are led astray. These people have had their faith disintegrate in the face of a more lenient and far tempting lifestyle.

But even for those who want to change their behavior and return to the life of the faithful, they are too ashamed and far too worried that they will undergo that reverting of faith alone, not knowing that they can find non denominational churches in Lexington KY that will be able to gently guide them back and ensure that they will lead a more prayerful and God-worshipping lives instead of the opposite.

Non denominational churches in Lexington KY are but a few of the most active charismatic churches that may help in keeping the faith alive and help members feel like they are truly part of something, truly part of a bigger community. These are one of God's ways to keep his people renewed and connected to Him, giving them a chance despite their shortcomings, their sins, to deliver us from temptation.

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