Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Exceptional Sermon makes a Great Improvement

We attend church every Sunday to listen to the good news on the bible. To me, I'd like this sort of activity to be enticing and interesting. I just like a sermon to be powerful which it makes you shout - the ones that our grandparents talked about. I thought to start with that they no longer exist, however they still do and allow me to inform you the spot where you can see great preachers just like that.

As old books are the best to read through, old wines to drink¦ old style sermon is also the best to listen to. In the south where I live, great traditional style of preaching is still around. Only that you have got to look really hard to search out a good church just like that. What I did is that I searched for a church which has something I enjoy - a choir. A choir is significant in my experience because I needed to be involved in the choir. I dont plan to be just a mere spectator or listener. So if you are wanting for some traditional Baptist sermons, then you definitely must keep looking and visiting churches which are Baptist for they stick to the KJV bible. You will have a very good opportunity to find that good old preaching if you visit independent baptist church.

The bible is definitely the word of God and then in the independent baptist church, Gods word is kept. It is not changed just because its popular by some group of members. The church is definitely the temple of God but it should not be like the world. The church must be different. It have to be strong and stand firm on the word of God as how it is coded in the bible. It shouldn't easily sway towards wherever the wind is blowing.

Moreover, we shouldnt listen to music in the world or put ourselves in places where would make God look bad. In the independent baptist church, the songs you can hear is usually southern gospel or bluegrass gospel music. Like I said, we like the old ways and when you hear the good old baptist sermon, you will certainly desire to go back. God does not change and we should not change just because the younger people dont like it. The young folks really need to learn it is about God. We dont go to church for being entertained or hear a Christian rock concert.

For me personally paying attention to the word of God gets to be a way of living to live for the Lord that is great. Keeping the message of God as how it is coded in the bible gives me inner peace and I got engrossed in paying attention to what exactly is truly written.

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