Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Learning the Scripture from Baptist Church

Christians are thought by their baptist churches not only to believe in what is written in the Bible but on how to practice what is stated in it. Church organizers ensure that they prepare activities that would help their members share their God-given skills and talents. They also design or organize set of programs from different ages to cater to everybody's needs.

Normally baptist churches Lexington offer weekly scripture readings, sermons, sharing and other activities that would help strengthen their members' faith in God. Baptist churches focus more on what is stated in the Bible. They teach their members the Love of God to mankind. He sends His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. How Jesus wholeheartedly accepted His fate despite the fact that He didn't commit any sin.

Moreover, independent fundamental baptist chuches also inculcate to each of their members that every human beings is created equal. In the sight of God all mankind are the same. No one is more than the other. Therefore, we do not have any right to step on other toes just to get ahead. This is put emphasis on because there are instances where people tend to oppress people who do not speak out for what they think is right. They take advantage these types of people thus resulting to repression.

Many clergymen of independent fundamental baptist churches follow strict dress code for both men and women especially during church services. This is will ensure that everyone is truthfully listening to the teachings of the Bible. Moreover, they have teachings about not having sex before marriage, adultery and homosexuality. They believe that the Creator created only a man and a woman. Furthermore, sex before marriage and adultery is forbidden because they value family, life and preservation of self. Thus, these actions are only for couples bind with the blessings of the church with proper ceremony. They also discourage relationship between members. This is to avoid conflict whenever couples will have arguments or misunderstanding.

Generally speaking it is the church that helps us strengthen our faith to God but it is our own faith that keeps it burning. No human being can tell us want to do or influence us without our consent. Therefore, we must be aware of things going on in our community. Awareness help us better understand what is going on. This will also serve as guide in every actions that you make.

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