Thursday, February 23, 2012

The particular Baptist Church

The church is the family of God. It is surely an organization that lays a hand in the heart of people with the greatest force. Each of us desires to be associated with a family group, to have people who care for us and care how we are doing, people who will help us willingly and those that deeply love us, people who believe in the same thing we believe in.

When seeing, frequently attending, or joining a church, it's very important to know and become alert to that particular churchs beliefs. One of the biggest ways that the Baptist denomination is different from others is the vision of baptism. The baptist church is convinced the Bible is the inerrant word of God. How they alter from other sects is just how they understand the New Testament teachings in the sacrament of baptism. The baptist church demonstrates that Jesus ordained immersion being the way of baptism to the New Testament Church.

Baptists are definitely the third largest Protestant group in the present day. Their history will be traced back to the early days of the Protestant Reformation. Baptists have been originally nicknamed Anabaptists which implies re-baptizer because the baptism of mature church members instead of children is one of the original determining marks on this denomination. When they initially appeared in the United States, it was an extremely radical position they took.

The Baptist denomination is the largest Free Church denomination on this planet with 45 million members throughout the world. More than three-fourths of all Baptists live in America; around 220,000 reside in Britain; around 850,000 stay in South American; and also 230,000 in Central America. In the previous USSR, Baptists consist of the largest protestant denomination.

A Baptist movement developed in the 16th century and was divided into twogroups. The first one, the General Baptists, thought that the atonement of Jesus was typical for all believers. The some other group,called Particular Baptists believed that the atonement of Jesus applied to only a group of select believers selected by God. The former was influenced by Arminianism and was the largest affect on Baptists on the north as the latter was influenced by strict Calvinism and would be the most powerful affect on Baptists in the south.

Baptists denomination practices congregational church governance wherein every individual congregation is governed autonomously or free in the direct charge of some other body. This is the reason why there exist several denominations like independent fundamental baptist, southern baptist, etc. however they are all still within one general denomination - the Baptist.

The church is our religious family, the house of God. If we dwell in it long enough and are faithful on it, it becomes as close to us as our physical family. You can see a true church family with baptist church Lexington.

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