Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Difference of Independent Baptist from other Baptist denomination

An Independent Baptist Church is different from the other Baptist organization. The Independent Baptist Church exercise autonomy in the local Church or simply they are a self-governing church. They have freedom to govern themselves without the command of any hierarchy. There are thousands of listed Independent Baptist churches all over the globe nowadays. However there are no accurate numbers of how many are the independent baptist members all over the world.

They have no central headquarters that show exact statistics to determine their members and followers. The Independent Baptist Churches claimed to have the largest number of separatist churches all over the globe. For most Baptists they are committed to strictly follow the New Testament doctrine wherein they adhere for the adult baptism through immersion. They have conservative beliefs with the matter of dressing, music and use the King James Bible version.

Independent baptist church is more evangelistic and sends out missionaries. They are very much active in church planting. Meaning they directly financed foreign missionaries and go out of their mother churches and independently working without any association from the other Baptist denomination. Independent Baptist Churches owned and operate Bible Colleges and Institutions, Sunday Bible School and Seminaries. In their own bible institution they personally trained qualified students to become preachers or pastors. Basically they discourage their children and members to be enrolled in a public learning institution.

Instead, they teach children through home study program or private religious (church) schools. There are independent baptist church who is very particular with the standards of dressing and hold on to the old-traditional way of how members should dress the proper way. Sometimes they convinced members to be away and separate from the modern world. Going to the movies, smoking, drinking among other bad things are strictly prohibited that can affect their faith and contradict with the doctrines that they believe in. They believe in the historical and conservative type of Christian faith.

Some Baptists denominations have separated from the scriptural teachings and believe in the human theories. But independent Baptist sticks to the Holy Scriptures as their source of prayers and sermons. They uphold the belief of following the doctrines of the New Testament. The Bible is an absolute authority and divine-inspired written manuscript as basis for the Christian faith. They stood still on the doctrines of the New Testament which in a way separates them from other Baptists denominations.

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