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The Reasons for getting Confirmed with the Holy Spirit

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In the Christian church, being confirmed is a significant rite of passage. Churchgoers choose to receive the sacrament of Confirmation for many different reasons. When you are confirmed in the church, your forehead gets anointed with sacred oil. Sometimes there is light slapping on the cheek, which teaches about being a solider of Jesus Christ, and that you must sometimes suffer for your faith. Church leaders, for example priests, pray for the persons who are confirmed and lay hands on their heads during the confirmation ceremony.

The importance of the confirmation ceremony to Christians is best gleaned when people understand why Christians get confirmed. Confirmation is important to every Catholic because we accept Jesus in our life as our savior and God! A confirmation makes the individual feel a part of something greater, making it feel easier, natural to pray more, attend church services and functions, helping other and generally doing what makes them feel closer to God. It also allows a person to feel Gods' grace to succeed in life feeling closer to God. When the young people and new members of a church are ready to accept the presence of the Holy Spirit and apply it to their lives, and helping others, they participate in the celebration of Confirmation.

Leaving their sinful habits in the past, a new life is begun. There are many reasons to choose confirmation, but becoming closer to God is certainly one of the most important. If you want to be given the Holy Spirit, and then you should get confirmed. This is so because, during Confirmation, priests will put their hands on the confirm and, allowing the Holy Spirit to fill their heats. Substantiation allows people to be more responsive to the Holy Spirit which makes them feel transformed in their hearts.

Also, a spiritual force which was not experienced before the confirmation charges people. Enhancing good decision making, strengthen faith and comforting people is provided by the Holy Spirit. In order to receive the Holy Spirit you must go through confirmation. Another reason for getting confirmed is to receive the Confirmation of Faith. Faith is essential to Christians because it provides them assistance to place their trust in God.

It's noble to support people who believe in the Lord and accept him. Getting saved is a popular method of expressing faith because it helps followers to practice their belief in the lord In addition, it helps people renew their church membership and makes them feel more connected to the other people in congregation. Another reason to get confirmed is to promote responsibility. When people are confirmed, they can become more responsible in the church, as they are visiting weekly, pray more and follow more the ways of Jesus Christ.

Receiving the sacrament of Confirmation also carries a symbolic meaning, illustrating both life and God's love. It does make persons feel loved and accompanied by the Holy Spirit all the time. The sacrament seals the deal with God that allows people to remain active in the church. There are various reasons why this connection will get confirmed.

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