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St. Christopher is the Patron Saint who Protects People who Travel

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There are many who would never dream of traveling anywhere by any means without their Saint Christopher medal, perhaps you yourself or someone you know even? This is no way to tell if this person is Catholic or now. Out of all the Catholic saints, Saint Christopher, the Patron Saint of Travelers, has the widest following among non-Catholics. People that have devoted time and prayer and feel comfortable with Saint Christopher tend to feel better about travel overall is it by air, car, bike or boat. A common sentiment in France is "Look at Saint Christopher and go on reassured."

Soldiers who have traveled far away from their country to serve in harm's way usually wear Saint Christopher medals or carry prayers cards bearing his image on them. Medals of Saint Christopher are popular with all soldiers, regardless of their religion or branch of military. The story of how this man who lived during the Roman Empire became the Patron Saint of Travelers is a very interesting tale. His story began in the third century. The giant man, who was reported to be at least seven feet tall, was so misguided in his early years that he believed he should serve Satan.

It was fortunate for both him and us that he converted to the True Faith. The newly converted Christian sought a way to serve the Lord God. By using his talents to serve other people and by specifically using enormous size and very powerful strength to help people get across a dangerous river that had claimed many lives, a holy hermit said he could serve God by prayer and fasting. Christopher accepted a difficult task. A little boy was one of the people who asked to be carried by him.

As the little boy sat on the soldiers of the man carrying him across the river, he suddenly became so heavy that the man had to struggle to continue carrying him. Worried and troubled, Christopher inquired to the child why he became so heavy, and acquired an explanation that the child was Jesus, who was carrying the capacity of the entire world's sins on His small shoulders.

A young Jesus then gifted the gentle giant the courage he needed to get across the swelling river. And so the Patron Saint of Travelers was blessed by God to help us everywhere we go.

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